Eschaton Reconstructionism— A Literary Analysis

Just copy and paste for now, and despite the ambitious name, I’m not planning on making this very long or super in depth.

This will be my best rendition of my attempt to put together what notes I can scrounge up about the religion and culture of the Eschaton people (of the video game Sundered).

It’ll be formatted by category.


A big element of their religion. The Eschaton are very big on sacrifice and this is noted in several of their religious texts and quotes from priests:

“Sacrifice is an essential part of life.” – Ishaela Bah’gor, Mother of the Eschaton

“The Eschaton sacrifice and thus they prosper.” – The Book of Lower Gods

“One who offers sacrifice, receives power.” – The Book of Lower Gods

From these texts we can see it’s obvious that the Eschaton have sacrifice, and possibly the expectation of extreme amounts of it, built into their religious code and therefore their psyches (as they are extremely pious).

This essentially sets them up as the perfect group for The Shining Trapezohedron to mesh/mess with— loyal, willing to go to extremes to achieve sacrifice— that being said, I think he does care about them, albeit minimally.

Gentle note that sacrifice for them does not mean “death outside of ritual/religion”— they don’t appear to be very eager to go to war or anything of the sort.


The Eschaton are henothestic; they believe in multiple gods but worship only one:

“Although we have pledged allegiance to one god, there are several other deities.” – Ishaela Bah’gor, Mother of the Eschaton

Simply going to list out their known deities for now. If I wanted, I would look towards ancient religions with sparse known information and try to parse some from there, but I won’t for the moment.

Azathoth– Father of the Stone Giver, guiding force

Atlach-Nacha– weaver of dreams

Ghatanothoa– war god?

Z-Toggua– King of the Deep Ones

Ghatanothoa guards our strength, and shall petrify non-believers!” – Eschaton Cultist

Father of the Stone Giver, Azathoth, guides our path.” – The Book of the Lower Gods

Eldritch Deities-

Nyarlathotep comes to them in his “faceless darkness man” form, bringing The Shining Trapezohedron along with him. At this point, I’m unaware of whether Ny leaves or stays, but clearly The Shining Trapezohedron is left to commune with the Eschaton, which I think he likes a lot.

He seems to care about the Eschaton, he’s horrified when the Valkyrie slay an entire room of women and children who are hiding, and he appears to care a lot about the well being of their priests as well.

However, something I’m going to get into more in the next section is why he may have cared so much about them.

Another note of interest is that many of their deities are directly from the extended Lovecraft pantheon.

Ex., in eldritch lore Ghatanothoa is said to look so terrifying that one would be petrified (except for the brain) if they looked at him.

Since the Eschaton were originally monolatrists (one god at a time) it’s interesting seeing how they might have switched to worshipping from a pantheon after The Shining Trapezohedron proved his powers to them.

The Ceremony/everyday rituals-

The Eschaton were almost done with this ritual that would cleanse the earth(?) and restore their world, and possibly everything, back to normal. (Or destroy everything)

However, they were interrupted by a Valkyrie (perhaps an interloper) and that is evidently when either:

1) What’s known simply as “the fall” started to occur, people started turning into literal monsters, etc

2) The Holy City itself started to crumble, the architecture started to fall apart, etc.

The two certainly aren’t mutually exclusive and certainly could have started to happen at the same time.

There’s also this thing with masks/heads– the Eschaton priests and priestesses could have used them during ritual. Dominion/Krurhal Milarh does– their Guardian, and furthermore, The Eschaton Mother literally has her robe stuffed with these weird heads when you first see her statue in the Valkyrie campgrounds.

The Eschaton Mother has some kind of staff in her hands, standing protectively over Her land. This is now Valkyrie territory, which I’m sure must make the Eschaton roll over in their graves my bad, they’re all monsters. oops.

The Eschaton’s unique art style is shown in this chamber that contains upside down robed figures in addition to a waterfall.

More robed figures behind Kruhral Milarh. He puts on a similar mask to activate his eldritch(?) powers, though I’d like to make it very clear that this is him post-fall, as we never see any of the Eschaton in person post-fall.

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