Small tidbit about the Eschaton prayer.

I’ll expand these more later maybe, they are copy and paste again.

Probably not going to write anymore about this simply because I have no idea what to do for a follow-up , and as far as I know there’s probably no more prayers in the Skill Tree, but there is an interesting lore-ish tidbit in the tree that no one focuses on, which is:

“We shall deliver you from slumber. Bless us with a new form, and cleanse us all. Aelleah”

— Eschaton Prayer

There is some in-game significance to this:

What they were doing already was releasing their gods (from other dimensions?) or on a level of the spiritual plane, evidenced by:

“We found our great god and his many servants. We relentlessly worshiped them, offering sacrifices in return for power.” -Eschaton Scribe Lo-Ya Ygllalau, VI of VII

While we don’t know what specific (probably eldritch) god they originally worshipped (in the fashion of monolatry), we do know that something The Shining Trapezohedron did released their gods.

That being said, both the prayer, regular in-game lore, and the last corrupted flavor text reveal that the Eschaton Mother still felt a need to complete the ritual that would cleanse the world:

“And so Mother Ishaela Bha’gor started the Holy Ritual, which would free our deity and purge this world of its impurities.” -Eschaton Scribe Lo-Ya Ygllalau, VII of VII

The ritual was either going to kill them all or somehow cleanse them and literally give the Eschaton a new form, so the concept of eldritch angels might actually hold some weight here.

Considering there’s the trifecta of Shining Trapezohedron’s instructions —> but he’s technically Nyarlathotep (who gifted them  TST in the first place) —> who follows Azathoth’s orders (though the Eschaton know Azathoth’s secretly guiding them)… Why would the eldritch want to “cleanse the earth”?

The ritual was interrupted, which screwed everything up in this underground world and turned everyone into monsters. I’d love more information about the Eschaton’s religion, but I don’t know if Caroff wrote anymore prayers.

Also I seriously hope they didn’t start out with this prayer for kids geez

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