sundered/the trapezohedron

I’ve been really into the video game Sundered and specifically The Shining Trapezohedron. He’s a fascinating character and the game’s visuals, animation, and gameplay are all really cool.

Since I haven’t done any writing in a long time, I figured I’d start off with an analyzation of TST and how he relates to the lore in the video game, and a general analyzation of the game itself.

The articles will be written in no particular order, though I’ll probably start out with the opening of the game, diverge from there, and edit articles as needed when I gain access to more lore (as I’m not done with the game yet).

Before I get to the “table of contents” of sorts, I’ll post links to the Dropbox folder containing all the Trapezohedron speaking parts (translated into Eschaton) that I’ve encountered so far, with a quick note about the in game langauge— Eschaton.

The other links will lead to the articles (when I’m done or mostly done with them) of the game analyzations.

Trapezohedron speaking parts— Dropbox

Includes color coded versions of the Eschaton spoken by the Trapezohedron— with the English below.

Eschaton— some notes:

The in-game langauge spoken in the video game Sundered is called Eschaton. It was created by Caroline Le Caroff, the game’s writer.

It’s fairly easy to find a key online for the langauge, so I won’t be divulging it here, I just wanted to make a note in case anyone was curious.

Table of Contents:

Sundered— Game Environment, Frequent Motifs, General Analyzation

The Shining Trapezohedron— Background, Game Opening Analyzation

An attempt at Eschaton Reconstructionism— Notes on their religion and what-not

The Shining Trapezohedron: A Closer Look (personality traits and stuff)

The Valkyrie and the Eschaton

Is it Lovecraftian?

The End(s)— wrapping it all up