willow dameon

Willow Dameon is recorded by me. She’s basically my baby. If you want to use her, please ask for a download link!



I would define Willow’s voice as being a low soprano/airy contralto. My voice is quite breathy, which might not be what you’re looking for.

Root: her original voice bank. Light and airy, most soprano-like voicebank.

Spirit: her lowest voice bank, and also what I would consider her strongest. More androgynous lower range, with a boyish upper range.

Ethereal: her most airy, but most clear, voice bank. This will be a CVVC bank, as soon as I get it otoed (edited), which is currently in progress.

Root voice bank preview— Donut Hole

Spirit voice bank preview— Play

Ethereal voice bank preview— Oltre (by Muship)